Using ISPC with Visual Studio

You can get visual studio to automatically compile ISPC files by associating the ispc extension with a custom build target. This information comes from Nathan Reed

To get this to work simply copy and paste the ispc.xml: and ispc.targets: and place them alongside your .vcxproj file. Inside Visual Studio right click on your project and select Build Dependencies -> Build Customization. Select Find Existing and locate the ispc.targets file. You may need to re-add ispc files into your project in order to compile them initially. You will need ispc.exe to be in your windows PATH.

This should give incremental compiling and error messages. However, I could not find an easy way to automatically link against the generated .o files so you will need to manually add them as additional linker inputs.

The generated files are <file>.ispc.h and <file>.ispc.o